The Transitional Generation

The Transitional Generation

This book is a fresh look at the subject of eschatology, which is the study of end-time prophetic events. This book is intended to be the sequel to my previous book, “The Terminal Generation.” The focus of “The Transitional Generation” is to describe what can be expected by the generation that will have the unique distinction of closing out one age and ushering in another age. Thus, this last or terminal generation of this age will also be a transitional generation. In describing this, we will spend considerable time focusing on the revelations found in the book of Daniel. We will then compile the information from my two books to establish a likely Biblical scenario of what to expect from this present time unto the unfolding of eternity, which is the inspiration of the subtitle of this book, “From Now to Eternity.”

This book is not locked into the traditional thinking and teachings espoused over the last two hundred years. It is not intended to rehash the popular, traditional teachings of our day on eschatology, but rather to open up the minds of the readers to explore and consider concepts and views that lie outside of the box of the commonly accepted doctrines being taught as orthodox today. God’s Word declares that some of the end-time prophetic things will be sealed or hidden from man until the last days of this age. However, God promises to reveal that which has been hidden to the last-day/terminal/transitional generation.


The Transitional Generation

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