The Terminal Generation

The Terminal Generation

This book is a fresh look at the subject of eschatology, which is the study of end-time prophetic events. It is not locked into the traditional thinking and teachings espoused in the last two hundred years. The views expressed in this book are the result of a comparison of what Jesus taught on this subject through the Old Testament prophets, what Jesus taught on this important subject while He was on the earth, and what Jesus taught from heaven to His apostles after His ascension.

The basic premise embraced while comparing these is that what Jesus taught in the Old Testament, or what He taught while on the earth, or what He taught after His ascension, would never contradict one another. What Jesus taught on earth was spoken in plain earthly language whereas much of the other teachings were generally spoken in parabolic language (in heavenly/figurative language). In interpreting parabolic language, there can be numerous possibilities as to God’s intended meaning. However, many of these possibilities can be eliminated by comparing them with what Jesus taught plainly during His earthly ministry.

Any interpretation that contradicts what Jesus taught in the Olivet Discourse cannot be the intended meaning of that which He taught in any of the prophetic books of the Bible such as Daniel, Isaiah, Joel, or Revelation. This book is not intended to rehash the popular, traditional teachings of our day on eschatology, but rather to open up the minds of the readers to explore and consider concepts and views that lie outside of the box of the commonly accepted teachings being taught to this present generation. God’s Word declares that some of these prophetic things will be sealed or hidden from man until the last days of this age. However, God promises to reveal that which has been hidden to the last day/terminal generation.


The Terminal Generation

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I finally finished reading Gary’s book, “The Terminal Generation.” It has all the marks of a divinely graced teacher uniquely given to detail. I believe that Solomon envisioned this New Covenant grace gift when he wrote Proverbs 24:4: “By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

I did learn some things. I also read things that I will prayerfully ponder. And, I so appreciate Gary’s humility and integrity, carefully separating his own thoughts and conjectures from those things that he believes are clearly taught by Scripture.

I look forward to seeing him face-to-face once again, if and when the Lord arranges it.

Love, Don


I really enjoyed reading your book The Terminal Generation.

I found your book to be very concise and well written. Although I don’t agree with some of your positions, I think they are all clearly defined and compelling. I can definitely say that this book has broadened and enriched my perspective on End of the Age events.



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